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Filton Hill School

Year 6

                 Welcome to our Year 6 page!




Year 6 Bravery Theme introduction

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To introduce our new theme, Bravery, Year 6 attempted to order a number of 'brave' people and events from most brave to least. To say they got a little frustated would be an understatement!

Created: 15 Mar 19 14:34 | Last modified: 15 Mar 19 14:37

Year 6 WW2 visit

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Year 6 enjoyed 2 visits recently, looking at how Filton has changed since WW2 and what life was like back then. We even got to meet Eric, who was just 10 years old and living in Filton when the war broke out. All this information is being used to answer one of our Bravery theme questions: what is bravery?

Created: 15 Mar 19 13:26 | Last modified: 15 Mar 19 14:29

Year 6 Life Skills Trip 2018

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Year 6 visted the Create centre in Bristol to explore dangerous situations and how to make them safer. They really enjoyed the opportunity to practise ringing the emergency services, learning what to expect and what they would need to say.

Created: 7 Nov 18 08:11 | Last modified: 7 Nov 18 08:13

Year 6 creative curriculum - Sustainability

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Year 6 have been enjoying their new topic, sustainability. Working in groups, the children have begun researching their specialist area, ready to share with the rest of the class.

Created: 25 Sep 18 14:59 | Last modified: 17 Oct 18 08:36