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Filton Hill School

Charity Work

Children in Need 2019

We raised £200 for Children in need this year!  We wore spots/stripes or Pudsey outfits!


Wrong trousers day 2019

We raised money for the Wallace and Gromit charity this year by wearing the wrong trousers to school on Friday 28th June.  We raised £167!

Cystic Fibrosis day-Friday 21st June 2019

We raised £152 this year by wearing yellow and donating £1 or purchasing ice creams after school at stay and play.  Our Governors supported the day and presented special certificates to one child from each class, who has made fantastic progress this year!


Children in Need 2018

We raised £162 for this wonderful charity this year!  Many thanks!


Macmillan Coffee afternoon-We raised £252 for this charity!



Helping The Sierra Leone Mudslide victims-January 2018

Here are some pictures to show you what
happened to the money raised by us for the
mudslide victims last year.

The Sierra Leone Bristol Association  (SLEBA)
distributed items to the people of Sierra Leone.  Two members from SLEBA travelled to Freetown to give out the donations themselves.


They issued
identification badges to the people effected by the mudslides.

School bags and school stationary were distributed to children, as in Sierra Leone you have to buy all of this yourself.  These children lost all of this in the mudslides.  Look how happy they are!
Well done Filton Hill for your generosity and empathy with this situation!


Singing in the community:
The residents at Concorde loved our singing!!




Children in Need 2018- We raised £215!!!



Children in Need 2017-We raised £198!!!