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Filton Hill School

Photo Galleries

Year 2 trip to Bristol Aerospace

60 images

We had a great time when we visted Bristol Aerospace. We saw Concorde and lots of other modes of transport. We made a concorde and tested it to see how fast it went.

Reception Term 3 Superheroes

57 images

This term our theme is Superheroes. We are thinking about what a superhero is, how we can be superheroes and who/what a superhero is to us.

Year 2 Curious Curriculum - Just Imagine (part 2)

12 images

This term we are making different modes of transport. We have been learning about the Wright Brothers and the first plane they flew in. Steve, our caretaker, has been helping us to make a wooden replica. We are also making hot air balloons!

Year 6 DT

10 images

Year 6 have been working especially hard since before Christmas designing, making prototypes and redesigning their boats for our Exploration theme.

Reception Term 2

67 images

This term our theme is 'Celebrations'. Here are some pictures of our learning!

Year 2 Curious Curriculum - Just Imagine

28 images

We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. To support our topic we have been painting and sewing fireworks. We also made and decorated firework cookies. We know all about Guy Fawkes and why he is so famous.

Year 6 Lifeskills Trip 2019

14 images

Year 6 had a great afternoon at the Create Centre in Bristol. They had to navigate tricky situations that they may come across as they continue to grow up - this involved ringing 999 with some familiar sounding emergency service workers!

Reception 2019 Term 1

73 images

This term our theme is 'Me and my world' and we are thinking about 'What makes me... me?'

Year 5 19/20 - Term 1

53 images

Pictures from our first term in year 5, our topic was Natural Phenomena.

Year 6 PSHE

9 images

Year 6 have been exploring peer pressure. Here, the children have been role playing different scenarios of peer pressure and exploring the different ways that it can be dealt with.

Year 6 Curriculum - our journey to one of our polished products!

8 images

Year 6 have been planning their data analysis research project in groups - we are exploring how time is spent and well-being in Ethiopia, Peru, Vietnam, India and the UK.

Year 2 Curious Curriculum - Wild Things

27 images

We are learning about things that grow this term. We have been planting lots of different seeds and have been looking after them to make sure they grow. In English we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk, so we thought we would grow beanstalks too. I wonder how tall they will be?

Year 6 dancing with Kenzie

8 images

Yeah 6 are currently loving their dancing lessons with Kenzie and can't wait to show their families what they have learned at the end of the term!

Year 2 Scooter Training

16 images

Today we were taught how to keep ourselves safe when we ride our scooters. We were also shown how to check our scooters to make sure they are safe for us to use. We had a great afteroon!

Year 6 Curriculum - Global Citizen

11 images

It's the first day back and Year 6 have been exploring their topic, which they begun in Term 6 in Year 5, from another viewpoint: people, trade and migration.

Year 6 play 2019

14 images

Our Year 6 play this year was called Goodbye my Friend. While waiting for the late bus to arrive, they begin reminiscing about their experiences which include Monday morning chaos, questionable p.e lessons, what children may really be thinking when taking their SATs, interesting dinner ladies and everyone’s favourite, the KS1 nativity.

Term 6 Journeys

40 images

Our Theme this term is Journeys. We will be looking at different types of transport, our joruney through Reception and our upcoming journey into Year 1!

Music in Year 1

18 images

We were lucky enough to have visitors this week who brought in some musical instruments for us to try. Some of us played a violin and some of us tried the cello.

Wild Things topic

55 images

In year one this term we have been learning about 'Wild Things'. After reading the book Where the wild things are we invented and designed our own wild thing. We made our designs into soft toys using sewing and stuffing techniques. Everybody decorated them using different materials. After we made them we thought they needed somewhere to live so we made them islands to live on!

Year 6 Art

7 images

Year 6 have been exploring the artist Andy Warhol. We are attempting to recreate portraits of ourselves in his style for our Identity theme!

Year 6 Indentity

7 images

Year 6 have begun their final theme for this year, which will follow those who are going to an OAT secondary to Year 7: Identity. The children began exploring what factors they believe are most important in shaping their identity, becuase investigating what characteristics of themselves are due to inheritance, the environment or a mixture of both

Celebrating Year 6 progress!

21 images

The progress that Year 6 have made this year is unbelievable. This just goes to show what hard work and determination can do in just 9 months! Well done Year 6, we are very proud of you!

Reception Term 5 Our wonderful world

73 images

This term we are carrying on with 'Our wonderful world' theme and learning all about Animals, habitats and how we can look after them. We even have a trip to Noahs Ark!

Year 1 - Machines topic

27 images

Year 1 have become inventors and designers justb like Brunel! Our challenge was to build bridges that were strong enough to push a toy car over and make boats that will float on water.

Year 1 Brunel trip

55 images

Today year 1 had a very exciting trip to Clifton Suspension Bridge and The SS Great Britain. We walked across the bridge and explored the SS Great Britain, we are now experts on Brunel!

Woodwork in year 1

65 images

We have designed and made moon buggies because we have been learning about machines in topic and reading books about space.

Reception Term 4 Our Wonderful World

123 images

Our topic this term is 'Our Wonderful World'

Afternoon tea with year 1

19 images

Our parents came to spend a lovely afternoon with us. We served tea and lots of yummy cakes!

Curious Curriculum

53 images

It has been a very exciting week in year 1 we have been making rocket style fruit kebabs and space themed biscuits. This linked with our theme Machines and our English text Whatever Next!

Year 6 Bravery Theme introduction

4 images

To introduce our new theme, Bravery, Year 6 attempted to order a number of 'brave' people and events from most brave to least. To say they got a little frustated would be an understatement!

Year 6 WW2 visit

22 images

Year 6 enjoyed 2 visits recently, looking at how Filton has changed since WW2 and what life was like back then. We even got to meet Eric, who was just 10 years old and living in Filton when the war broke out. All this information is being used to answer one of our Bravery theme questions: what is bravery?

Tropical Inc. visit to Year 1 and 2

50 images

Curious Curriculum - We all had an amzing time on Monday when lots of different animals from all over the world came to see us.

Peter Bunzl Author visit

11 images

Peter Bunzl, the author of the Cogheart series visited us in February 2019

Reception Term 3 Superheroes

44 images

Our theme this term is Superheroes. We will be thinking about what superheroes are, who our superheroes are and how we can be superheroes ourselves!

In the Year 1 classroom

26 images

Look at all the things we have been doing in Year 1

I Wonder (part2)

16 images

This term we have been looking at exploration. We have been making maps, globes and learning about a famous explorer called Christopher Columbus.

Reception 'Celebrations' Term 2

48 images

Our learning journey in Term 2. We are learning about different celebrations around the world and how these are celebrated.

The Curious Curriculum Term 2

21 images

This term the topic in Year 1 is called I Wonder? We started this topic by going out on an Autumn walk around our school. We looked at the changing trees and collected leaves of all different shapes and sizes.

English and topic

15 images

We taste tested different fruits that grow well in autumn and then used them in a cooking lesson.

Term 1 Year 4

49 images

Different photos of Year 4 in term 1! Our topic was inventions.

Year 6 Life Skills Trip 2018

15 images

Year 6 visted the Create centre in Bristol to explore dangerous situations and how to make them safer. They really enjoyed the opportunity to practise ringing the emergency services, learning what to expect and what they would need to say.

Drama in Year 1

11 images

Year 1 took part in a drama workshop linked to the Treasure and Trash topic. They had a great time and were brilliant actors and actresses.

Reception 'All about me' Term 1

66 images

This is a gallery of our first term in Reception. Our topic is 'me and my world' and we are thinking about 'what makes me me?'

Recycling Super heroes!

24 images

Year 1 invented different types of recycling super hereos. They then made a super hero mask using recyclable materials..

The Curious Curriculum

25 images

Treasure or Trash? Year 1 and 2 have been exploring the school grounds searching for treasure. We then explored what we could do with it.....................

Year 6 creative curriculum - Sustainability

34 images

Year 6 have been enjoying their new topic, sustainability. Working in groups, the children have begun researching their specialist area, ready to share with the rest of the class.

Year 5 Dance Rehearsals

3 images

This week we have been practicing hard in PE and have nearly perfected the first half of a dance routine to Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Reception parent lunch 2018

27 images

Our Reception parents came in and had lunch with us, we collected our food together and got our knives and forks. We showed my parents how we can feed ourselves and clear away our plates when we are finished!

Coding and sustainability

11 images

This term we have been learning about sustainability and the negative effect we have on the Earth's oceans. We used our coding skills to successfully navigate orcas (represented by BeeBots) through courses we designed. The orcas had to avoid plastic, sewage, fishing nets and angry trawlermen!

Buddy Activity

11 images

We met up with our Year 6 buddies for an afternoon of fun!.

Transistion activities in Year 1

15 images

All the children have settled into year 1 really well. They have been enjoying lots of different activities including Funky Fingers, Maths, writing and playing in our lovely new outside area.

Year 6 Camp Osmington Bay Day 4

43 images

On our final day of camp, we headed to Portland to have a go at raft building! Although the water was cold, we all had a brilliant time. After heading back to camp for some lunch, we made the long journey home, singing all the way (much to Miss Coward, Mrs Roach and Mr Plummer's surprise...).

London Trip 2018

139 images

Sports Day KS1

42 images

Year 1 Seaside Trip

30 images

Year 1 went on a trip to the seaside, we went all the way to Weston Super-Mare! We looked around the museum learning all about the history of Weston and then had a donkey ride and ice- cream on the beach.

Year 1 & 2 Trip to Weston-Super-Mare

34 images

We had an amazing trip to Weston! First we visited a museum to learn about the seaside in the past. After we walked to the beach and had a donkey ride and ice-cream. Finally we played games on the beach and built sandcastles.

Year 6 Camp Osmington Bay Day 2

151 images

On day 2, we woke up bright and early for breakfast before moving on to our morning activities which were Jacob's ladder and buggy building. In the afternoon, we did some archery and had a go on the giant swing before spending the evening singing songs by the camp fire.

Y6 Camp Osmington Bay 2018 Day 1

62 images

On day 1, we left school on the coach and arrived at Lulworth Cove to glorious sunshine. We walked down to the beach and paddled and skimmed stones in the water. Next, we walked down a long slope to Durdle Door. The walk back up wasn't as fun! Finally, we arrived at Osmington Bay and found out our rooms and looked around with our camp leader. In the evening, we had fish and chips or chilli for dinner and then played capture the flag!

End of term 5 reading treat & project

10 images

We chose to play with all the outdoor equipment for our treat this term. We had lots of fun. For our project this term we could make a fact file about a seaside we have visited, produce a piece of seaside art work or research seasides around the world.

Year 4 Term 5

38 images

A range of photos from year 4 during term 5. Our topic was Anglo-Saxons and Vikings!

Year 1 Seaside projects

19 images

The children were asked to create a seaside project as part of our Geography and History topic. We shared our projects with Year 2!

week 6 Dance

19 images

Year 3 coming to the end of their dance term and enjoying practising their final dance routine.

Year 6 revision

16 images

Outdoor learning in Year 2

11 images

We have been researching the outdoor world to help us write reports in English.

Year 5 English

12 images

Year 5 are really enjoying The London Eye Mystery and have been looking at maps of The Underground in order to write a set of directional instructions for the main character to follow.

Year 5 Computing

11 images

We are learning all about data this term and started with a lesson in gathering data! We tested a variety of materials for their properties and used this to create a spreadsheet.

Bristol Rocks @Filton Hill

26 images

Allison Casson, one of our past mums, has painted and gifted a stash of Bristol Rocks for the children to find around the grounds. For those of you who don't know - this is a Facebook-driven phenomenon where people decorate rocks and hide them around Bristol for others to find. Once you find one, you take a picture, upload to the Facebook page with the # of the person who has created it. You can then decide whether to rehide it or keep it! Obviously no child will have their own Facebook account so we ask kindly that parents post to let Allison know her rocks have been found. Just look at their faces!!!!

Year 5 Science

11 images

Year 5 have been using the iPads to research the human skeleton. Next step: write an explanation!

Year 2 Projects & Classroom activities

18 images

Some of the Year 2 children completed a home/school project linked to the Science topic - Habitats

Year 5 Art

25 images

Year 5 have been learning how to use sketching pencils to create art work based around the London topic. Did you know how talented your children are???

Year 1 Science Animal Projects

14 images

Well done to the children who brought in their Science project. The project was to either draw and label an animal, design and make an animals habitat or create a fact file about an animal of your choice.

Year 5 and their buddies!

44 images

Year 5 and their Reception buddies spent an afternoon having fun with Easter activities!

Year 1 afternoon tea

10 images

We invited our parents and carers in for afternoon tea! We enjoyed delicious cakes and sandwiches.

World book day 2018

31 images

Look at our wonderful costumes!

World Book Day

4 images

We had some amazing costumes in Year 2, well done everyone!

S F Said author visit

9 images

We loved our visit from the author of Varjak Paw, The outlaw paw and phoenix!

Year 1 Body Topic Projects

20 images

Well done to the Year 1 children who made a fantastic project as part of our body topic this term.

Year 1 & 2 WOW Morning

44 images

Year 1 & 2 had an exciting morning taking part in activities linked to the science topic, How does the human body work? They also had a special assembly to show projects made at home with parents.

Afternoon Tea in Year 2

13 images

Parents and grandparents joined Year 2 on Thursday afternoon for afternoon tea. We had a lovely afternoon in the hall and this was followed by activities in the classroom. The children also performed poems that they had learnt in Guided Reading.

Year 1's Bonfire project

15 images

Well done to those children who completed their bonfire/ firework scene as part of their homework project in Term 2! They looked amazing.

Year 2 Class Photos

21 images

We have been doing lots of exciting things in Year 2.


34 images

Forest School


12 images

A visit from Southmead Fire Fighters

Year 5 Parent Lunch

17 images

Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the food and excellent company!

Year 5 and 6 WOW Culture Day

49 images

First of all, a huge massive thank you to all parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and of course, the children who became involved and made this a fabulous day!! The clothing the children wore was spectacular, the artefacts and poster were fabulous and the food.....OH! THE FOOD!!!! Here are some photographs of the children talking about their countries and cultures as well as the vast array of food sent in. The children were fantastic at trying new flavours and we all left with rather full stomachs! What an amazing way to celebrate the wonderful diversity there is at Filton Hill Primary and we couldn't have done it without you!

Year 5 - Maths

15 images

Here we are using number generators to help us multiply by 10, 100 or 1000. Easy peasy when you know how!

Year 5 - Microorganisms

9 images

As part of our work in PSHE, we are looking at the benefits and risks of microorganisms. Here are the children preparing the 'food' on which we will grow some microorganisms so that we can see them without a microscope!

Year 5 - English

11 images

Year 5 created a conscience alley to help them understand why the main character in the novel might choose to behave in a certain way.

Year 5 Reading with Buddies

23 images

Year 5 and their Reception buddies had their first join activity this week. They all brought in their favourite teddy and read lots of books all about teddy bears. They also did some colouring and making together as well as eating bear crisps!

Year 1 Bristol trip

17 images

Our journey on an open bus tour around Bristol!

Origami Club

12 images

Week 1 - purses/wallets

Year 5 Geography

16 images

Year 5 started the World Geography topic by finding and labelling continents, the Equator, the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer as well as the Arctic Circle and the oceans!

A Plant Hunt

12 images

Outdoor Maths

6 images

Fruit kebabs

14 images

Camp Day 4

97 images

I'm too tired to write anything.

Camp Day 3

98 images

Little bleary-eyed this morning and some rooms are still to wake! We just can't believe it's our last day - no offence - but we all want to stay away longer!! Some more photographs from yesterday (as well as a few from the beach on Saturday night). I can't wait for the children to come home and look through the photographs with you to describe in full technicolour what they were up to!

Camp Day 2/3

145 images

Beautiful weather today - suncream is a must! The children all had a really good night's sleep and have completed this morning's activities - raft building, leap of faith and orienteering. Some photographs from yesterday's afternoon activities included too. The children are queuing up for lunch - we had mushrooms with our breakfast this morning and we're having a roast dinner tonight - I'm in heaven! We plan to go back to the private beach tonight for more fossil hunting - wait until you see what we have found!!!

Camp Day 2

115 images

What a day so far!!! Unbelievably settled first night (apart from badger spotting) and we even had to wake some of the room up in time for breakfast. The food here is fantastic - such a great range of food for them and some are even trying new things! We have been kept ridiculously busy with activities like quad biking, sensory trail, aero ball and climbing today - I'm astounded by how 'gung-ho' they all are - quite the little dare-devils you are raising! Safe to say they are doing us all proud and I have had the second comment about what a polite, well-behaved bunch they are. They are lining up for dinner as we speak and then we're off to the beach to try and find some more fossils. Early (ish) to bed tonight as they are all exhausted!

Camp Day 1

77 images

What a jam-packed day we've had! Lulworth Cove was simply breath-taking - the children paddled, skimmed stones and went fossil hunting. One child found a 90 million year old shell embedded in limestone! We then made a quick stop at Durdle Door - a rather long hike down and back but well worth it! We've just had a scrummy dinner (yes Mums and Dads, every single child found something they liked) and the children are assembling for a wide game called AMBUSH! Hoping for bed by 9.30pm tonight - what are our chances??

Year 6 Nets

22 images

Year 6 have had fun in Maths ( I know - Maths shouldn't be fun!) creating and drawing nets of 3D shapes.

Year 6 Angles

22 images

This week we are learning all about angles, including how to measure and draw them. Who knew Maths was this much fun???

Easter 2017

15 images

Choir visit Concorde Lodge (again!)

34 images

The Filton Hill Choir visited the residents of Concorde Lodge again this week to entertain them with a variety of Easter songs. The children were an absolute credit to the school and sang beautifully. Their favourite part was talking to the ladies and gentlemen about all their Easter plans (while scoffing lots of chocolate)!

Year 6 Road Safety

29 images

The lovely road safety ladies visited to remind the Year 6 children of general safety as they will soon be let loose as Year 7s!

Year 6 - Science at Abbeywood

103 images

As part of Science week and transition, Year 6 visited Abbeywood for the day and took part in some rather amazing Science experiments!

Year 6 - Measuring in Maths

44 images

We had a super lesson measuring length, weight and capacity using two different units eg measuring the length of an arm in both centimetres and millimetres.


12 images

Parents were invited in to view their children's wonderful work on display throughout the school. We were so pleased with how many parents visited and some were even good enough to allow us to photograph them!

World Book Day 2017

86 images

We dressed up as our favourite book characters today!!

Year 6 PE

24 images

We had lots of fun in PE working as a team to win races (following the rules) and playing beanbag raid (with soft balls as Mrs Thomas couldn't find the beanbags). I'm afraid the photographs are all a bit blurred because the children moved too fast!

Year 6 Baking for World Book Day

48 images

Year 6 made scrummy biscuits in the shape of men and horses for our novel: Private Peaceful. After decorating, they will be sold at the bake sale!

Year 6 Lifeskills

31 images

Year 6 recently visited the amazing Lifeskills centre.

Year 6 Art

18 images

Year 6 were given free-rein to produce art work on the theme of 'Poppies' for our corridor displays.

Year 6 Mapping

23 images

We have been learning how to create 6-figure grid references.

Year 6 Maths Investigation

75 images

The children in Year 6 had to develop their own statistical questions to answer, decide on the data they needed to collect and produce two different ways to show the results. Quite impressive I'd say!

Walk a mile

4 images


7 images


21 images

Forest School

24 images

Year 2

21 images

Busy, busy, busy

Choir at Concorde Lodge

14 images

Another wonderful visit to sing to the residents of Concorde Lodge.

Buddies Making Decorations

23 images

Reception and their Year 6 buddies had lots of fun this morning!

Year 6 Forces Experiment

25 images

Year 6 were testing which surfaces created the most friction.

Year 6 Fish Mummies!

15 images

After weeks of waiting patiently, we finally opened the fish!

Year 6 Lego Fractions

23 images

We love learning in different ways!

Year 6 Maths

17 images

Fractions? Fractions you say?? What better way to teach fractions than with Smarties!

Year 6 - Journey Planning

9 images

Andy from the S Glos Road Safety team visited the Year 6 class yesterday. He helped the children to plan safe routes to Filton Hill as well as their planned secondary schools. We were also given lots of goodies - thank you Andy!

Year 6 - Refugee Workshop

12 images

Sergio (from the Red Cross) visited us again to help us understand the current refugee crisis.

Year 6 Mummifying Fish

39 images


Year 5 / 6 Science / DT

83 images

Year 5 and Year 6 partnered up to design and create a parachute to save an egg! They had to think carefully about air resistance and how to protect the egg when it dropped. The winning parachute was fantastic!

Poppy day

15 images

Year 6 First Aid Training

32 images

Sergio from the British Red Cross came to train Year 6 in basic first aid procedures.

Year 6 Reading Treat

26 images

Year 6 voted to visit Elm Park if they achieved their reading treat every week - we had lots of fun!

Year 6 Science

19 images

We were using Newton meters and measuring scales to compare mass and the pull of gravity.

Halloween disco

14 images


13 images

Year 2 went to visit the SS Great Britain and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Stonehenge Trip

30 images

Autumn term 1

52 images

Year 3 Maths

7 images

breakfast club

5 images


74 images

Year 6 cooking and reading with buddies.


46 images

Year 6 dance with Kenzi.

Gardening & Cooking

28 images

Year 6 have enjoyed gardening already this year. We harvested the courgettes and then made chocolate and courgette muffins - yummy!


10 images