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Filton Hill School

Expecting Excellence

At Filton Hill, every classroom has an excellence display.  When children complete work, we always ask "Is it excellent?"  We expect the children to think about this and to see where they can make improvements. We display excellent work, so that the children can see what excellence looks like.  We do this for writing and themed learning too.  The children strive to have their work on the wall, as everyone who comes into the classroom looks at it and praises them for showing excellence!


We promote editing and re-drafting in writing and expect children to explain where they went wrong in Mathematics, if the answer is incorrect.  They use purple pens for this, so it is clear where they have improved/edited their work.  When publishing work, the children can either use a handwriting pen (KS2) or a special pencil (KS1)-they love this!  This makes it very special and the children are extremely proud of their polished product!

Spectacles of feedback are used, when the children either: edit their own work, edit their partners work or edit their teachers work.  The children have decorated their glasses, so that they are personal  and unique.  They love them and it makes editing even more fun!