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Filton Hill School

Our Learning animals

At Filton Hill Primary, we recognise that children need to understand what a successful learner looks like and how they behave, so that they can become one themselves.  As a result of this, we have created our own set of learning animals, that display these different learning behaviours.

This group of animals, when together, are designed to be the ultimate learning team! They are:
Reflective, Sharing, Curious, Persevering, Imaginative and they Remember things.

Through our learning animals:
Teachers provide a creative, challenging and curious curriculum, which
inspires, motivates and excites.
Children are encouraged to be independent learners, who remember previous
learning and are not afraid to take risks.
We provide opportunities for all children to reach their full potential, by being
reflective learners, who are always persevering to be better.
We provide a supportive and caring environment for all, according to individual needs, where children share ideas and work together well.

The team is made up of seven animals;

                                                    Barnaby Bee (INDEPENDENT)

                                                                                                Oscar Owl (REFLECTIVE)

                                                       Maurice Monkey (SHARING)

                                                         Ameera Meerkat (CURIOUS)

                                                          Percy Penguin (PERSEVERES) 


                                                         Connie Chameleon (CREATIVE)

                                                          Ellie Elephant (REMEMBERS)

These core learning skills when promoted and taught help children become better at learning, with the aim at developing them as independent, lifelong learners.