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Filton Hill School

We love Reading!

Olympus believes the skills of inference and deduction, retrieval and text analysis should be taught explicitly. Children will be taught how to deconstruct a text and explore how author’s effects and techniques contribute to the effectiveness of writing. This expectation is in all year groups and aims to develop a deeper understanding of language choice and composition. Children will be able to articulate author preferences and also question authorial choices in every year group.  Comprehension skills will be taught using a familiar text before the application of these skills is expected using an unknown extract in timed conditions.  

At Olympus we promote the love of reading and children will be exposed to a variety of authors from the past through to the present, promoting a range of genres within non-fiction and fiction texts. Our learning environments also support opportunities and spaces to develop the enjoyment of reading in classrooms and shared spaces.

We encourage our children to read at least five times a week at Filton Hill Primary.  

On a Friday, we check the children's reading records for evidence of five reads.  If they have completed this we record this on a record sheet.  We then add up how many children in each class have read and calculate a percentage.  We record this information on our display in the hall (see picture above).  During Friday assembly, we reveal which class has the highest percentage.  The winning class gets to choose a class treat for the following week from a list, which was decided by our School Council.

Treat examples for the winning class are:  Extra playtime. 5 house points each, time in the zip-wire area, going to the park, watching cartoons and playing with toys in class.

If a child has failed to record five reads in a week the parents will receive a text alert about this.  If they receive two text alerts in a term the child will not get the treat with the rest of their class.  These children spend this time reading instead to make up the time missed.

This is our reading strategy for this year.  It outlines what we intend to do this year, to promote 'a love of reading' in our school.

Our inviting reading corners......


We display other books by the author of the book, which is being read in English.  The children can borrow these, if they are enjoying their class text. 


We invite authors into visit our school at every opportunity!  The children LOVE meeting them and getting their own copies of the book signed!


Our displays around school always promote reading and display books linked to the themes from our curious curriculum.



We have books on display everywhere!!!!


Our teaching staff recommend books for the children to read in the classrooms.