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Filton Hill School

Keeping safe online

E-safety is an integral part of the children's education at Filton Hill Primary School.  

Below are some links to websites which you may find useful to ensure that your child is safe online at home.



Many thanks to all parents and carers who completed our recent survey about how you manage e-safety at home. We had a fantastic response with over 100 completed. 

From the results, governors have been able to identify where the school can support you in making sure your children remain as safe as possible while accessing the internet. Overall, the governing body felt that parents and carers had a very clear understanding of e-safety in the home.

Some of the results included:

93% of children have access to the internet.

80% of children used tablets.

55% of children use You Tube– the most popular of the options given.

87% of you set rules for internet use at home.

89% of you understand how to use privacy and parental control setting.

Here is some guidance on:

How to set up parental controls

Reporting an incident

What is online grooming?

Kids contract

These were areas in the survey which showed the biggest need for advice. Please take a look at our website under Parents/keeping safe online.

If you feel you are battling to stay in control of internet access, we have also included a Kids Contract on the website which sets clear guidelines and rules for you and your children to agree together. The earlier your children understand the risk associated with the internet, the better protected they will be.

 Some top tips to follow are:

 1. Keep devices in busy areas of the house.

2. Agree times to go on devices and stick to them.

3. Play online games with your children.

4. Avoid devices being kept in the bedroom – especially at bedtime.

5. Talk to you children about what to do if they are not happy with something they have seen.

Once again, many thanks for helping us with this and be reassured, Filton Hill staff will continue to promote internet safety as part of our everyday curriculum.