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Filton Hill School

School Lunches


Meals are prepared freshly every day in our school kitchen.

Dolce Ltd have been appointed to supply the school catering at Filton Hill Primary and we would like to introduce ourselves.

As well as providing the opportunity to enjoy a fresh nutritious meal, the luch break provides pupils with an opportunity to relax and socialise.  For pupils taking a school lunch we provide a wide choice which we hope will be appealing to most young people.  It is important to us that each and every child enjoys their meal and has the energy to study and learn in the afternoon.

Each pupil has a live kitchen account, this account is used for:

What you can do with you live kitchen account and the benefits:

1. You can choose to pay by cash cheque or direct debit
2. Direct debit means no hassle finding correct cash (you will receive an e-mail telling you how much you'll be debited each month)
3. You can pre-order online for up to a term in one go!  Or you can let your child orcer in class each morning.
4. Track you account online.
5. Monthly direct statements show you what your child ate.
6. View all recipes online, including cooking method, nutrition and artificial ingredients.
7. Parent feedback system keeps you in touch.
8. You children get the dish they want, everyday.
9. Cooks can be shown dietry notes when serving your child.
10. Your child will have less queuing at lunchtime.

When your child arrives in the hall they select their name on a touch screen.  Their meal choice is displayed to the cook, as well as their dietary needs.  The cook will confirm the meal choice with your child and serve their meal.  The cook then acknowledges that the meal has been taken on her screen.  It is only at this point the meal will be charged to your account.

Please visit our company website: DOLCE WEBSITE~

To order you child's lunches: LIVE KITCHEN ORDERING WEBSITE

Other information:

All infant pupils are offered lunches free of charge.


Healthy School

Our school has National Healthy School Status.  We encourage pupils to make healthy food choices and to understand the benefits of participating in physical activity.  We promote a positive attitude to healthy eating and knowledge of how a balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle.


School milk is provided free to every child until their fifth birthday. 

The school is part of the National Fruit Scheme which provides a daily piece of fruit for every child in Foundation Stage and KS1.  In addition the kitchen sells small bowls of fruit for 15p, bags of dried fruit 15p, bottles of milk/juice 35p.


We do not allow children to bring sweets into school for any reason.  Please do not send sweets to school to celebrate birthdays or holidays as we will simply return them.  Chocolate and sweets should not be included in a packed lunch.


We prefer all children to drink water only in school (from the fountain or their own water bottles).