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Filton Hill School

Welcome to Reception!


 Miss Boyle and Mrs Glendinning welcome you to our class page. We can't wait to show you what we get up to.


Term 1

Over in the photo galleries are some pictures of our first term in Reception. Our topic is 'me and my world' and we are thinking about 'what makes me me?'

Our parents came and joined us for lunch, we showed them where we collect our hot dinner and how we can get our cutlery and find a seat. We also showed them how we can feed ourselves and clear away our plates!


We had our first PE lesson this week! ''Im riding on my bike, im riding on my bike, peep toot I blow my horn, im riding on my bike!''


 Term 2

Our theme in Term 2 is 'Celebrations'. We will be thinking about what people celebrate and how they celebrate. We will be learning about Bonfire night, Remembrance Day, Diwali, birthdays and Christmas!   

We performed our Nativity to our parents and the rest of the school. We also had the fire brigade visit us - we learned about what we should do if there is a fire, how we perform stop drop and roll if our clothes are on fire and we read a story about how to be safe with matches. We even climbed up into the fire engine and saw the flashing lights!


Term 3  

Our theme for Term 3 is 'Superheroes'. We will be thinking about what a superhero is, who superheroes are to us and how we can be superheroes ourselves!  

 We visited Filton Library this week! We found out what a librarian is and how we can borrow books and DVDS. We also explored the selection of books they had there and read a brilliant story called Cock - a - doodle - Poo!



Term 4

Our theme for Term 4 is 'Our wonderful world'. We thought about what the immediate and wider world is as well as discussing who is important to us in our world. We also talked about how we can look after our world and the environment around us.


 Term 5

This term we are carrying on with our theme of 'Our wonderful world'. We are going to be thinking about animals around the world. To start off our theme we went to Noah's Ark to see lots of animals! So far we have read the Hungry Caterpillar story and What the Ladybird Heard. We even have our very own caterpillars to look after and watch them grow into beautiful butterflies!

Here are some pictures of our learning this year...


Reception Term 4 Our Wonderful World

(123 images)

Our topic this term is 'Our Wonderful World'

Created: 1 Mar 19 08:21 | Last modified: 28 Mar 19 08:33

Reception Term 3 Superheroes

(44 images)

Our theme this term is Superheroes. We will be thinking about what superheroes are, who our superheroes are and how we can be superheroes ourselves!

Created: 11 Jan 19 08:39 | Last modified: 7 Feb 19 08:22

Reception 'Celebrations' Term 2

(48 images)

Our learning journey in Term 2. We are learning about different celebrations around the world and how these are celebrated.

Created: 8 Nov 18 08:32 | Last modified: 10 Dec 18 15:40

Reception 'All about me' Term 1

(66 images)

This is a gallery of our first term in Reception. Our topic is 'me and my world' and we are thinking about 'what makes me me?'

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Reception parent lunch 2018

(27 images)

Our Reception parents came in and had lunch with us, we collected our food together and got our knives and forks. We showed my parents how we can feed ourselves and clear away our plates when we are finished!

Created: 1 Oct 18 08:22 | Last modified: 1 Oct 18 08:24