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Filton Hill School

Year 2

     Welcome to year 2!



Year 2 letters to parents

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 term 2 news letter

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Term 5 news letter

Term 6 news letter




We are looking forward to an exciting year full of learning, friendship and fun.

Term 6

Week 5:

SPORTS WEEK!  What an amazing week.  We met a professional athlete, completed circuits with him, everyone took part in sports day, we played golf, practised tennis skills, football skills, athletics and lots of team sports.  It was a great way to get active in the glorious weather. 

Week 4:

This week we have focused upon our English text Kamal in Trinidad.  We have been working really hard to use the information in the text to create our own information leaflet using pictures, captions sub-headings and  paragraphs.  We also spent some time int eh zip wire area this week as we managed to earn our class reward after lots of hard work.

Week 3:

This week was our trip to the Aerospace Museum, after a hike through Filton, spotting all of our local landmarks, we arrived and learned about the history of flight, the development of Filton, experienced Concorde, learned how to make pretty amazing paper aeroplanes, completed an orienteering course around the museum and  even saw rockets!  It was a pretty fantastic day out.  

Week 2:

The week of the memory box - This week we built a wooden box FROM SCRATCH!  We measured and cut pieces of wood, we built squares and then a cube by using triangular corner support and designed and made 4 walls for our boxes.   Over the rest of the term we will fill the box with a memento from each shared experience to take with us upto Year 3.

Week 1:

We launched our new curriculum by asking the question, 'What experiences do we want to have?' Over the next term we are going to tick of as many of them as we can.  We started by experiencing sewing, both by hand and machine.  It was an exciting experience and we learned a lot of different things.

Term 5:

Week 4:

This week has been all about making things sound proof - who knew how difficult it would be to make a box completely sound proof?  Even when we were sure we had cracked it we could still very easily hear the speaker playing its merry tune.  We have written all about our experiments and still have our sound proof boxes ready for the exhibition on Thursday afternoon.  Looking forward to seeing you then.  

Week 3:

Another short week but still with five days work to do, we have all worked extremely hard this week.  Our work on our class text, The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon continues and this week we have split into three groups to write three different stories based on the original text.  In maths we have completed our maths SATs and have been practising lots of number skills and multiplication recall to help keep our skills sharp.

Week 2:

This week we have been learning all about the ear.  During our research we came up with some great questions such as, 'Can you break your ear drum?'  'If you are deaf does that mean that your ear drum does not work?'  and, 'Why is ear wax different colours?'  Check out and   try googling operation ouch for more information about ow the body works.  Searching for DK find out about ears will bring up a great site too.  

Week 1:

Welcome to term 5 everybody.  This week we had scooter raining with Charlotte from the South Glos Road Safety Team.  We learnt about the green cross code and how to ride our scooters safely around our community. is a great reminder of how to keep safe when on the roads. 

Term 4:

Week 4:

What a week!  This week we have been practising for SATs and we have all worked super hard and given our all in everything we have done.  We also developed our sketching skills and we are now working on using pencils to create tone and texture.  In PSHE we used Raa Raa the Noisy Lion to look at our community and how the behaviour of a dominant individual can impact everyone in the community.  We used the jungle gym episode.  Why not try it out? 

Week 3:

This week we have been looking at homemade instruments and deciding how we could go about making out own.  We made mood boards exploring our favourite instruments and decided which instruments we are going to try to design and make over the next couple of weeks.  We also looked at the NSPCC Pants song and talked about how to keep ourselves safe. this video might be a good starting point if you want to talk at home. 

Week 2:

This week we have completed a product evaluation and looked at the instruments in school.  We have talked about what we liked, what was good and what could be improved.  These ideas are going to help us when we start to design and make our own instruments over the next few weeks.  We also started our recorder lessons, don't forget your recorder next week folks!  


Week 1:

Welcome back everyone, it was lovely to see you all again after half term.  Check out this term's news letter for information about our learning over the term.   This week we started our new curious curriculum theme, 'How does it work?'  After discussion we have decided to focus on sound and hearing.  To kick off our learning we went on a sound walk and used objects around us to make pieces of music.

Week 6:

And what a week it has been!  On Monday Steve from Tropical Inc came to visit and brought with him several of his animal friends including snakes, birds and spiders! Meeting all of the animals was a fantastic way to spend the morning.  On Tuesday we performed our African dance to parents and it was lovely to see so many people had come to watch us perform.  In English this week we have worked on our fox reports and they are epic pieces of work, we will share them with you in week 1.  We also completed our new display which will be open for viewing when you come in to visit.  Have a lovely half term everyone, I have sent home the number bonds test that the children do each week so that they have the chance to keep practising over the holiday and they also have lots of new books to read, which for many children are a new colour band.    See you in a week Year 2.  Mrs P


Week 4:

This week we had a short week due to snow on Friday, I hope everyone had a great day playing in it, and using their knowledge about how to survive in the Antarctic to keep warm!  This we we have started to look at how camels have adapted to live in hot desert climates.  We have used lots of websites but has been a great source of information.   We are currently writing up all of our knowledge and will continue into week 5.

Week 3:

This week we have learnt all about the layers of the rainforest.  We started by laying out the different layers on the field, using cones and meter sticks to see how long or tall the emergent layer is in comparison to the canopy, understory and forest floor.  We used this great website to do our own research and on Friday turned that information itno a report.  

Week 2:

This week we have been learning all about the adaptations the poison dart frog has made to survive in the rainforest.   We researched information and made notes, then we put together a report using sub titles, pictures, captions and paragraphs of information. this site has great photos, and this site has great information 

Week 1:

Welcome  back everyone.  This term we are continuing with our imagine project and will be learning about how animals survive in rainforests and deserts. 

Term 2

Term 2 letter

Week 7:

This week we have answered the enquiry question, 'How do penguins survive in Antarctica?' was really useful as a starting point for inforamtion.  We wrote our own reports and they were really informative.  

Have a lovely Christmas everyone.  I really looking forward to seeing you all in January ready for term 3!  Mrs P

Week 6:

This week we have changed and rewritten the story of Into the Forest by Anthony Browne, we told the story from the Dad's perspective and focused on using and, but, so and or in our sentences. links to the original story.  In maths we have looked at 2D shapes, their properties and started to look at half and quarter of a shape - we definitely need more practise on fractions! might be fun.  In our curriculum lessons we were talking about how to adapt to survive in the Antarctic, we decided lots of layers were very necessary!


Image result for dressing for the antarctic



Week 5: 

We have been looking at the work of David McEown, an artist that specialises in painting Antarctic scenes. Using his work as inspiration we have explored how to paint with water colours, learning about colour mixing, tone and contrast, and we have created our own pieces of Antarctic art.   

Week 3 and 4:

This week we have been learning all about Robert Falcon Scott and starting to answers teh enquiry question, 'Who was Scott?'  We have been watching information videos, exploring information texts and making notes ready to answer the question next week. has some fantastic clips and has brilliant photos.  

Week 1 and 2:

Over the last two weeks we have been considering our first enquiry question - Where do I live?  We produced posters using maps, diagrams and floor plans explaining our place in the world and at home.  We also studied the work of Jenny Urquhart, a local Bristol artist and produced our own pieces inspired by her use of shapes and colour.  




Term 1

Amazing partitioning of two digit numbers today.



We sorted rubbish by its material.



This week we have been looking at addition and subtraction, including missing numbers.  We are good at addition and subtraction, but if you fancy some extra practise check out 


This week we share writing with our Year 4 buddies.  It was great to see how much progress we can make with our writing in the next two years.